Joe Nguyen
Community Advocate, Online Communications Strategist, Material Design UI/UX Specialist, & Amateur Photographer


I was born and raised in South Seattle and despite a few attempts could never get myself to leave this city. No matter where I traveled Seattle was where I wanted to come home. As the son of immigrants who started with nothing, I am fiercely passionate about supporting the marginalized in our community. I know the line between security and suffering for families in Seattle, especially now, is very thin. And honestly, there’s not much different from those who provide help and those who need help.

I’ve spent most of my career with large companies in roles ranging from managing a $100 million portfolio, providing strategy and analytics for executives and overseeing a team of web marketers who worked to exploit the underbelly of the internet. Now I design web based analytics tools to unlock ‘big data’ solutions. I never saw any of my skills as useful beyond the corporate world until I helped a friend start his small business a few years ago. I took for granted how difficult it could be to develop a website, or setup an online marketing presence. With a little bit of guidance and some foundational work, I helped him build a thriving business.

Seeing his success was euphoric. I found value in skills that I thought were mundane and now I try to use those skills to help make our community better.

If you’re a small business owner, nonprofit or community activist, send me an email //