Seattle Speedometer

Website Build + Online Marketing

I met Buz in his garage a while ago and at that time Seattle Speedometer did not exist. After a few hours of drinking and ogling his Porsche 912 and Ducati Imola we decided he should start his own gauge repair company.

Buz is great with all things mechanical but needed help building a web presence and putting together a marketing strategy. I took some photos, built out his website and we talked through what he wanted to achieve with his business.

Fast forward 4 years and he is now the go to expert for all things gauges for top car and motorcycle builders around the world. Seattle Speedometer has been featured in national magazines including Car and Track and routinely has work shown at events like the Concours D’Elegance.

Being passionate and good at your work is just one piece of being successful. Luckily, I was able to help out with the other more boring part.