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Endorsed by the Stranger

The Stranger’s Endorsements for the August 7, 2018, Primary Election

Remember the last time a bunch of Democrats were running for state legislative seats, staring down the barrel of the McCleary decision ordering them to fully fund public education? Or the time before that? Or before that or before that? Do you remember what they promised us? They promised us a capital gains tax. Every fucking time. And do you know what they have failed to pass, over and over again, even as they control both chambers of the state legislature and the governor’s seat? A fucking goddamn tax on capital gains. (Reminder: A capital gains tax means a tax on profits made from investments and certain property sales.)

We are so sick of this shit. So when we got the four candidates for this open state senate race in our office, the SECB demanded to know: What were they actually going to do to get their own chickenshit caucus to pass this thing?

“You name and shame them,” Joe Nguyen told the SECB. “People are fucking dying right now in the streets. Capital gains touches rich people, and a very small percentage of them in the first place.” He kept going: “We need to call them out. Just because they’re Democrats doesn’t mean they’re exempt from implicit bias or having bad ideas.” Hell yes, Joe.

Nguyen wouldn’t name names in the meeting, but we trust Nguyen to start flipping over desks—and naming names—when the time comes.

Candidate Shannon Braddock gave a good and politically savvy answer to this question, too. But then she lost everyone in the room when she refused to give us a straight answer on the head tax, a more recent, closer-to-home example of being chickenshit on progressive taxation. You may remember Braddock from her failed 2015 city council race, in which she had the backing of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

Nguyen grew up the son of refugees in White Center and Burien, and he now works at Microsoft. He supports tax reform, single-payer health care, and a state bank. And he says “fuck.” A lot. Vote Nguyen.