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Organizational Endorsements


Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587

Amalgamated Transit Union Badge

Women of Color in Politics

Women of Color in Politics Badge

11th Legislative District Democrats

11th District Dems

36th Legislative District Democrats

36th District Dems

37th Legislative District Democrats

37th District Dems

39th Legislative District Democrats

39th District Dems

King County Young Democrats

King County Young Democrats

Stonewall Democrats

Washington State Stonewall Dems

Individual Endorsements

Kirsten Harris-Talley, WA State Representative, 37th LD

“Joe is an example of a leader who is firmly rooted in community, with a strong commitment to taking bold action for racial and policing justice. We need a champion as the King County Executive who understands these issues and will fight for change led by communities most impacted, and that leader is Joe Nguyen.”

David Hackney, WA State Representative, 11th LD

“Joe is the perfect example of a new type of leader who isn’t beholden to the political establishment, and will create bold systemic change where we need it the most. Having worked closely with him in the legislature this year, I have no doubt Joe will be able to enact solutions on many of the issues our County has been struggling to make headway on for decades. Vote Joe Nguyen.”

Brandon Hersey, Seattle School Board, District 7

“I’m supporting Joe because Joe supports our kids. Joe brings a rare combination of expertise and empathy to every issue. We don’t need leaders who are just “pro public education”, we need champions who will fight alongside families to ensure our children are prepared for life beyond grade school, whatever their path may be. Joe is the leader our children deserve and I am honored to support his candidacy.”

Bob Hasegawa, WA State Senator, 11th LD

“I’m proud to support Joe for King County Executive because of his strong progressive values. He is a great example of true representational and community based leadership and will champion the issues our communities care about the most. From medical and behavioral healthcare to racial equity to housing and homelessness, he has the tenacity and skills to actually follow through and resolve these problems.”

Mike Pellicciotti, WA State Treasurer

Mona Das, WA State Senator, 47th LD

T’wina Nobles, WA State Senator, 28th LD

Jesse Johnson, WA State Representative, 30th LD

Tarra Simmons, WA State Representative, 23rd LD

Steve Bergquist, WA State Representative, 11th LD

Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Council, District 1

Tammy Morales, Seattle City Council, District 2

Sam Cho, Port Commissioner, Position 2

Cynthia Delostrinos Johnson, Tukwila City Councilmember