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Politics should be about People, not Careers


Meet Joe

“I’ve spent my entire life in King County. My parents fled the Vietnam War, and as refugees were resettled into public housing in White Center. My parents both worked hard to support my siblings and me, but we were raised by a village.

When my father was in a terrible car accident, it was only because of the support of our friends, neighbors, and sometimes complete strangers that we made it through those years. Back then, White Center was a hub for resettled immigrants, refugees, and folks just trying to get by—all of them in search of a brighter future for their families.

That’s the story of King County. We have always been a beacon of hope, at the forefront of innovation, and believers in an ethic that hard work will secure you and your family’s future. That’s my American Dream story. Some say it’s remarkable to have made it where I am today – the first Vietnamese American elected to the Washington Senate. That I’m one of the lucky ones.

But it shouldn’t require luck to succeed in Martin Luther King Jr. County. We must choose a better future for ourselves.”

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We are running a truly people-powered, grassroots campaign. It’s going to take all of us, together, to forge a new path for King County. Join us below and let’s #NguyenTogether!


Joe Nguyen Is Running for King County Executive

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Over the course of his three years [Sen. Nguyen] introduced (what shouldn't be but are) aspirational bills to tax excess compensation and to eliminate bullshit traffic stops. He passed bills to expand the state's welfare program and to invest more money in its dried up coffers, create a better-trained pool of police arbitrators, place restrictions on attempts to scan our faces, and institute a progressive tweak to the real estate excise tax that raised cash money.

State Sen. Joe Nguyen challenges Dow Constantine for King County executive

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"What's interesting is that people have shown that they need leaders who will step up and do the work and not just show up for photo ops or press conferences," Nguyen said. "Candidly, I ran for office against 11 other people that I wasn't supposed to win, because I wasn't part of the political establishment. I think right now, people are just tired of how politics works or doesn't work."

Joe Nguyen challenging Dow Constantine for King County executive

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“I want to run because I think the pandemic really exposed a lot of inequities communities have faced for a long time,” Nguyen said Monday. “For too long we have had leaders who haven’t delivered for the community on things that are important for all of us.” Nguyen, the son of Vietnamese refugees, added, “When you have been impacted by a failed policy in the past, it gives you the sense of urgency to fight to fix them in the future as well.”