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Politics should be about PEOPLE, not careers.

We all want a King County that is inclusive, where we respect other members of the community, where we have an opportunity to thrive. Our issues reflect these values and I will be a relentless advocate to ensure all people in King County have a seat at the table.

Housing Affordability and Homelessness

Everyone in King County deserves a safe place to call home. But more than 5 years after declaring homelessness an emergency, our county leadership has only allowed things to get worse. We know what it takes to solve this crisis. By investing boldly in evidence-based solutions, preventative measures, and centering the human dignity of all our neighbors, we can finally make the impact we need to turn things around.

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Achieving Our Climate Goals

In one of the wealthiest counties in America, your ZIP code shouldn’t determine your lifespan. We all deserve clean air, water, and land. The drivers of climate change in Washington are well-known: emissions from transportation and our building stock are responsible for the overwhelming majority of greenhouse gas pollution in our state. We have the policy we need to know how to fix it. As executive, I’ll be the leader we need to take equitable and impactful action on behalf of our future.

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Criminal Justice Reform

When I decided to run for the state Senate in 2018, my decision was in part a reaction to the unjust murder of Tommy Le by a King County Sheriff just hours before his graduation. Police violence, and the aftermath of cover ups and narrative twisting, is inexcusable, and the culture of silence of those in charge has to end. As executive, I’ll lead the way on the deep systemic change that has to happen to hold our officers responsible to our communities.

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We have to devote significant resources to increasing the efficiency of mass transit, because too many working people in King County still have commutes similar to mine growing up. When I was 15, my second job was at the IMAX on the waterfront. Getting there would have taken me 15 minutes by car, but since my family couldn’t afford one for me, I spent an hour and a half commuting by bus. By investing in our local public transit systems, accelerating the expansion of Sound Transit and making sure all our routes are efficient, fully-funded, and well-connected, we have the chance to reimagine how we’re able to get around in our County. Let’s make our region world class in modern transportation systems.

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Just Economy

When I was 7, my father was in a terrible car accident that turned our world upside down. And like too many families are familiar with, the high cost of healthcare made it needlessly difficult on my family mentally, emotionally, and financially. But because that crisis happened before years of disinvestment in our social safety net, we were able to stay housed and fed by relying on programs like TANF and local food banks. That’s why I fought to protect and increase funding for those same programs this year in the state legislature, ensuring the programs families like mine depend on are there for them during this crisis. Digging out from the pandemic is just the beginning though; we need to be investing in people so they can thrive, not just survive.

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